Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catching Up with Your Library

Hello everyone!

The Fernley Branch Library has been a little bit on the silent side of the blogsphere these days. We are busy as ever and I think it is time that we catch up a little. If you haven't been inside the branch for a while you're missing out on some pretty big aesthetic changes! We've been working hard at re-organizing our children's, Juvenile, and Young Adult collection areas. Our goal is to create spaces inside the branch that are welcoming and user-friendly for all patrons. Our young children's area has seen the most change; we've lowered the shelves to make things an easier reach for tots. We're adding some excitement to the walls by hanging some beautiful prints from our Picturing America grant collection.

We are celebrating 45 years of voter's rights with our display of the photograph of the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965, photographed by James Karales. This image is also part of the Picturing America grant we received from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Check out their website ( to see a selection of the rest of the available prints in this collection. They are perfect for a classroom setting or a home school opportunity! To celebrate the anniversary of the march to Montgomery, we are collecting short written works from all community members reflecting on their memories of the American Civil Rights movement. All pieces collected will be kept with the photograph as a "community memory" and made available for educational opportunities in conjunction with the print. Contact the library for more information or stop in to view the beautiful black and white photograph.

The After School Craft Club is still going strong. Come to the Fernley Branch Library the last Tuesday of each month to participate in a free craft activity. For all ages, but especially appealing to the elementary to high school aged students.

We've got a lot more exciting events coming up at our library including the annual El Dia de los Ninos festival, and the Summer Reading Program. Check back for more information on these and other special events.